On the No Sleep Story Format

Everything you read is true

No Sleep is an interesting subReddit. It’s nothing but stories. Some horrific, some just strange, but all creepy and fascinating in their own right.

The part that I enjoy the most is the admonition by the rules: everything is true, even if you don’t believe it. It’s a good rule for a writing forum. It discourages people from coming in and shooting a story full of holes. They’ve simply established a system of shared-belief and rules. Everyone buys in.

It’s also interactive. Authors of stories respond in character in the comments, and the narrative can continue to flow. Sometimes, a series is established, and people eagerly await the next installment of a horror story that comes out once a day.

Upvotes are hard to get a hold of, as stories are so highly subjective, particularly scary stories. Better men than me have tried to figure out what makes a story “click” on NoSleep, and so far, I can’t say that I’ve figured out the magic formula.

NoSleep is an interesting place to try new and strange things, and, to promote yourself a bit as an author. As I continue to write works for NoSleep, and enjoy the occasional interaction in the comments. I’m going to compile the stories I’ve written into a collection. I’m hoping that the fiction I’ve woven with the visitors of NoSleep might encourage them to grab a book.

Jeff Hewitt