Some (New) Focus

Let's Talk Writing

One of the key focuses I want to pivot my blog to is writing. Specifically, I am going to focus on the progress and process of the novel I'm currently working on, and, the short fiction I post to Reddit under the r/NoSleep subReddit. I will try to find a singular topic to focus on each week when it comes to writing about horror and writing in general.

We'll cover theme, motif, pacing, word choice, all that good stuff. I am not a professionally published author by any means, but, people do read my work, and, I've been paid for stories before. So there ya go.

I also want to launch my podcast soonish and maybe even open a weekly  blog to critique of works out in the open. I think this will help aspiring authors get more eyes on their work, and show off my thought process when I'm editing and making suggestions.

Again, take everything I say with a grain of salt, because I'm just another voice on the Internet. But salt can be very valuable if you're a 16th century merchant, so let's all be from Florence, aight?