Sorry for the lack of updates, or, how to survive the last days of school

We're all done here

I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things at school proceed apace for the end of the year, which means the kids, and myself, are crazy.

How do we survive the last days of school? One thing to make sure you've done is to get all assessments out of the way before end of year testing. Once those big state tests are out of the way, the kids, however much you tell them you're still working, don't seem to believe it. They're done for the year.

Keep in mind you've had your students going through the same workday adults do. 8ish hours of work from morning to evening, 5 days a week, for half the year. Unless you're teaching older students, we expect an awful lot from our elementary and middle school kids. Are you ever done with work? Do you ever need to recharge your batteries? Well, they do, too. They don't have the same outlets that we do for recharging, so it's up to you to find opportunities to help them make it to that final day in May (or June, or whenever.)

Personally, I like art projects. Throw a good book at them, and then have them do some art about it. This year, I'm going to have the kids create murals of the book Laika, by Nick Abadzis, which we just finished reading. Some of the kids were really into it, I'm not sure this is quite right for 6th grade though. Either way, I love the book, so I inflicted it upon them.

Another thing I did last year was let them into my art cabinet and create a construction paper book that was a guide to the solar system. Each page was a planet or stellar body, with information about it. They then bound the books with yarn. The kids loved it, it kept us busy for forever, and it was still standards based. The kids mostly created beautiful books that they could show off. They did really well. I'll let you know how the Laika murals go.


So, that's it. Not a whole lot to add here. Just keep in mind that your kids have been suffering through the same workday that you go home and complain to your SO about. Give 'em a break when you can. Do some fun stuff. Sneak them outside as much as possible and let them run off the energy. 

Last, try not to take too much seriously. It's almost over. Keep breathing. You can do it. 

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