Traffic Update

I'm happy to say that my recent work on serial fiction on No Sleep, though lacking in popularity, has driven a fair amount of traffic to my website.

Some part of me is quite satisfied with that fact, but others, not so much.

I know I've got to keep the momentum going, and so that's my plan. I've started another short serial (probably 2-3 parts tops) and I will attempt more in the future. As traffic continues to come in, I realize I haven't created a way to properly capitalize on it.

While I have two works for which I receive direct pay on my "Works" page, most of the featured books are collections put together by other entities. I need something to put money in my pocket.

So, the plan now is to continue to write serials to drive traffic to the site, and then, create some collections of the stories I've posted on NoSleep with some additional writing, perhaps an extra story or two, thrown into the mix. Readers will be able to download and enjoy my stories offline, and fans will get some bonus content as well.

The other advantage is I will be able charge very little for my collections. I figure $2.99 isn't too much to ask, and should help put some money in the ole bank-a-roo. I like the idea of having a fan base, so, I owe it to them to create something more. 

I'm going to have to learn cover design and buy some stock photos to manipulate. Once I get the ball rolling, I may be able to farm that service out. We'll see. 

All told, though, I am happy to be trying out this serial experiment on Reddit. I like the immediate feedback, and chasing upvotes has created a driving force in me to want to write something every day so I can post it. In the past two weeks I've probably written close to 20,000 words of fiction. 

I even started a piece for Reddit that I think I will end up trying to sell to a venue. I don't think the subject and style are quite right for NoSleep, though I thought it would be when I started.

If you enjoy reading my NoSleep series, consider picking up a book from my collected works. Even if the money doesn't come directly to me, I stand by my writing, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Jeff Hewitt