Story of the Story

Just how self-involved can an author be?


I am starting a series on my blog I am going to tag and title as "Story of the Story." I am going to write about my previous writing, the writing process, editing, graphic design (for my two self-published novels,) working with editors (on everything except my first self-pubbed novel) and everything else industry related that's come up for me, that might come up, or whatever I decide to tag. I will probably also share what I'm doing with my current work in progress. 

who cares?

I hope these posts will be of interest to other writers currently working in the industry, who may have not had as much success as I have. They may gain some insights into the process, or even just my own process, and maybe even a tip or two along the way that might help them sell a few works.

I'm not amazing or anything, it's just something I thought might be fun to write about. So, stay tuned for the first "Story of the Story" that will be coming up next week, and will be about one of the first stories I ever sold - A Tide of Flesh.

Jeff Hewitt