This Isn't the Announcement of the Greatest Collection in the World

This is just a tribute

I just wanted to take a second and apologize for the lackluster updates. Things are, in fact, working behind the scenes. I’m going to release a collection in the near future. Be on the lookout for Troubled Dreams, my first self-released short story collection. Inside you’ll find 16 tales of terror, with my NoSleep contributions nestled comfortably with 5 never-before-published short stories just waiting for an audience. The final list may even get a few additions, I dunno.

The collection will also feature several original illustrations provided by a friend of mine (I paid her!) whose work can be found on Instagram.

I’m eager to share the writing process with you all and to release the collection! I plan to make it available on all digital platforms, with a price break when you buy it directly from my website (if I can figure that out,) as well as physical formats.

Take care!

Jeff HewittComment